Online managed surveillance solution for Municipal and Public sector!

NeoCam™ offers a fully managed online surveillance solution for surveillance and inspections needs specifically tailored for the Municipal and Public sectors. NeoCam™ allows the Municipal services to view and manage video, access recorded events, view video in 3G mobile phones and receive notifications in SMS/MMS/Email, via a security data center. The service provides the necessary efficiency and flexibility for controlling, managing and securing remote sites and perimeters, where security is most critical for municipal services.

A large variety of security personal is able to see and efficiently act according to the video information, including:

  • City inspectors
  • Municipal operations center
  • Police
  • Civil guard

Also, due to it's an online fully web based service, NeoCam™ can be integrated in Municipal ERP systems, providing a real-time 360 degrees overview of the citys' viewed sites, allowing an unprecedented level of responsibility and productivity for operators on the field or at the city center, anytime and anywhere.

Key advantages

  • Any functionary manager can use the visual data information according to his own permissions and needs
  • Ability to share relevant valuable visual information with the relevant functionary in the organization
  • Multiple Eyes- no decrease of video quality disregarding high numbers of viewers
  • Roads and traffic lights monitoring for exceptional events


NeoCam™ answers the increasing needs of Municipal and Public sectors for visual surveillance data, and provides the required technological platform, which its flexibility allows it to answer multitude needs in true on-demand fashion.

NeoCam™ solution is adapted for vary City layers, Local councils, Transport & traffic, Crowded locations, Educational sectors etc.

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NeoCam™ answers your questions

NeoCam™ Web based Video Surveillance solutions as Managed Video as a Service!
NeoCam™ assures reliable, available and cost-effective visual information solution, which is essential for your peace of mind.
NeoCam™ is adjusted for vary SMB businesses, retails stores, restaurants, offices, industry, municipal & public sectors, transportation institutions, healthcare, education - kindergartens, schools, residence etc.
As fully web based solution NeoCam™ is everywhere, just view your visible sites through any ordinary browser or 3G mobile phones.
Any time! The video is available 24/7 for live broadcast and video archive records providing highly availability and video quality!
Easily, No specific equipments like a DVR/NVR or dedicated box requiring on site, all you need are IP network cameras and an Internet broadband connection.